The Gasthof

The Gasthof is Mayrhofens very own snowboarders hotel. It is boarder owned and operated and super boarder friendly. Fitted with a tuning room to keep your board in top condition and an in-house test center with all the new Lobster, Switchback and Bataleon gear. It boasts several types of accommodation that will fit any budget, has a bar and its own restaurant that will keep you well fed and fit for shredding up the Hintertux!

Next to Park Hill, The Gasthof welcomes riders year round, you can stay for a day up till a full season! See:

Double rooms

The double rooms are our most luxurious accommodations but still very affordable. The double rooms fit two people and are all fitted with a private bathroom. All rooms have a different look with their own style of wallpaper and curtains. A double room has access to a private balcony with view of the Ziller river. There are no cooking facilities available, besides your expected water cooker. Breakfast is included in the price.

The Gasthof has different types of apartments for you to choose from. Whether you are coming to stay with friends or family with 2,3,4,5 or 6 people we have an apartment that will suit your need. Depending on its size an apartment consists out of a bedroom, living room/2nd bedroom, kitchen (either in the living or separate) and a bathroom. Most apartments have access to their own private balcony with view of the Ziller river. The apartments are simple in inventory and make a comfortable stay.

The dormitory is our simplest and therefore most affordable way to stay. It’s perfect for large groups of friends, adventures travelers or low budget boarders. In the dorm you will have your own bunk bed and a locker to keep all your personal belongings safe.¬† You will find the shower and bathroom¬† across the hallway which you share with the other dorm guests. Although the dorm is comfortable enough the Riders Lounge andCantina are really the place where you will be relaxing.

If you have any questions concerning the accommodation and stay possibilities, you are more then welcome to contact The Gasthof.

Riders Lounge
The Riders Lounge is the ideal place to meet up after a day on the slopes. Equipped with couches, sound system, flat-screen, beamer, Nintendo Wii and WiFi Internet it is ideal for hanging out and relaxing. The bar offers drinks and snacks for good prices. It is definitely the heart of the hotel.

Tuning Area
The Tuning Area has all the tools that you may need to repair, wax, tune or detune your board. If you don’t know how to wax or sharpen the edges of your board one of the coaches will be more than happy to give you a hand.

Boot Room
The Boot Room will store and dry your boots. After a day of snowboarding just hang your boots on the heated pipes and collect them in the morning for dry and toasty feet. Enjoy!

You’ll be happy to know that there is FREE WiFi throughout the whole hotel. So bring your laptops and share your photo’s on facebook with your family and friends back home!