Please be aware that only our Rookie camp is fully chaperoned. The youngest age we accept is 8. Campers between the ages between 8 and 18 need to book the Rookie Package.

Rookies will be able to join the daily freestyle coaching and can also enjoy Rookie only sessions and daily off-snow activities. There will be competent supervision both on and off the mountain.

Park Hill is a freestyle snowboard camp not a party camp! Our staff and coaches also live at the Gasthof Zilleral and will supervise the campers. Our close, but unimposing supervision lets everyone have a great time and stay out of trouble. We treat the kids with the respect they want, and 99 times out of 100 we get it back.


Rules & Regulations

We have very simple rules and regulations at Park Hill.

For all
– No drugs.
– No rude language or behavior to other campers, our staff, or other guests.
– No ruining someone else’s trip. Respect all Park Hill and Gasthof Zillertal staff members.
– No litter on the mountain.
– No wrecking in Gasthof Zillertal. The charges will be split between everyone in the room regardless of who did the damage.

For rookies only

– No drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.
– Rookies in bed by 10PM.

Any Rookie camper caught with drugs or alcohol will be sent home immediately, with no refunds whatsoever. The camper will be responsible for all costs incurred by being sent home. The same goes for people who insist on ruining someone else’s trip or being rude or disrespectful to Park Hill or Gasthof Zillertal staff. We are all here to have fun and anyone who ruins the fun is not welcome and will be sent home

What if I’m 18 years or older?

You are classed as “an adult” in Austria and we treat you as such. If you are 18 years or older the curfew does NOT apply and you are legally allowed to drink alcohol. While being at Park Hill you are only allowed to have alcohol in the Riders Lounge of the Gasthof Zilleral and NONE in your room! That is what the bar and the village is for. We do not want any under age campers exposed to alcohol and we appreciate your help in keeping alcohol away from them.

If you are over 18 and you decide to go out at night we ask that you do not return to the Gasthof Zillertal in a noticeable or disruptive fashion.

The “No drugs” rule still applies of course, regardless of your age, as it is illegal and the police will be involved if you are caught with illegal substances. If you cannot follow these simple guidelines then you will be asked to leave the camp.