Park Hill back in 2014 with 3 weeks!

Yes, that’s correct 3 weeks of Park Hill fun, in 2014!

We’ve added a 3rd week to match UK holidays :)


Week 1: Saturday 11 to Saturday 18 October

Week 2: Saturday 18 to Saturday 25 October

Week 3: Saturday 25 October to Saturday 1 November


Check out the 2013 edit:



Congrats to our coaches!

Congrats to two of our Park Hill coaches who are doing exceptionally well in international snowboard competitions.

First up Brage Richtenberg, winning the Burton European Open slopestyle this January with a killer run!

Enni Rukajärvi stuck a super smooth run and took home the first ever Olympic silver medal for womans slopestyle last week in Sochi!

Stay tuned for the new Park Hill 2014 dates and your chance to ride with international pro’s!




Park Hill afterbang!

The official Park Hill 2013 edit is out! For your viewing pleasure…

For extra content and pictures visit the Park Hill facebook at:

Hope to see you all next year!

Park Hill 2013

Park Hill is back! The 2013 edition had been stuffed chock full of pro clinics by international shredders, goodies from a huge list of brands, the epic Park Grill BBQ, a full off-snow program with skate sessions in the M-town bowl and expression session contests with awesome prizes.
As a special bonus we have added an exclusive all-girl package to the mix. Clinics by lady shredders and no need for any freestyle experience, just the will to learn. Adding to the fun, the Chicky clinics crew will be hosting extra off-snow activities just for the girls.
As in previous years the rookies will also be taken care of. For all future pro’s we have the Park Hill under 16 rookie package. The full Park Hill program plus adult supervision and an extra off-snow program included in the price.

Save the date! Two weeks of Park Hill goodness from the 12th of October. Both the Rookie and the Chicky trip are only available in week 2 from the 19th to 26th of October.

Betterpark is BACK

Oké, so betterpark is back. The guys have been working hard and the EASY and MEDIUM line are done and ready for everyone to enjoy! Size of the kickers is looking good. Nice mellow transition for the EASY line, so you can start slow and work your way up to the bigger jumps. Medium line is looking awesome with some serious air time potential! Who feels like throwing some tricks around?


Park building started

After the fresh snowfall last week the BetterPark shapers can’t wait to get started. Check it out, their building the first kickers again. EASY and MEDIUM line are first up, and looking good already!!!